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Welcome to iBaroody

Special Company: Making Online Dreams come True since 2002

iBaroody is a Legal Dubai & Lebanese Company with an American web business background, and incorporated history, serving just over 1300 different clients since 2002.

At iBaroody each and every project is treated with the same professionalism and must go through a serious web solutions system that took us years to perfect. From the $1000 Web deals to the most complex projects and contracts, each and every project has a dedicated expert project manager. This insures all the work and the stages are followed completely. The client is always well informed. The client is always 100% satisfied. The work is always on time and the quality is the highest that can be.

iBaroody’s prices and rates are beyond Affordable and when compared to our competitors each and every project iBaroody touches, is about three times less the cost than other web developers and web designers companies, website firms, and web agencies; the results of our work beats any competitor of ours in quality, time frame, and for sure iBaroody products and services are the MOST Modern, Effective, and Beautiful! If you paid an iBaroody competitor $20,000 for a project, rest assured iBaroody would have designed, developed, and made a better much more successful project for about $5000. This is a FACT!!!

iBaroody serves Dubai,  LebanonQatarKuwaitJordonUAEKSASaudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, USA, Canada, and European companies, small businesses, corporations, individuals, associations, and any agenciesWe strive to become the Number one Web Solutions, web design, website development, Internet Marketing, and SEO Company in the Middle East.

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