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2002 was the start when iBaroody created its own services, packages, and systems of implementation to serve Class "A" companies; which are some of the most demanding business, high level and very reputable corporations, some exceeding 5000 employees.

Through all those years iBaroody became right away a new sensation and well known for it's highly effective and very successful web development, software, programming and especially when it came to the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Without intentionally planning for it, iBaroody running business from various successful and famous websites became the target of many companies in terms of following what we do, offering the same services as we have created our own, and almost literary copying our website content word to word.

It was very hard keeping up with these huge companies and legally fighting all of them.

But iBaroody accepted the challenge of being the first to start, implement, regularly update, design and develop the things that no other companies dared to do back then, especially because they didn't have experienced staff and enough money to pay salaries for teaching, instructing, experimenting, and delivering "EFFECTIVE" services.


Internationally and Globally:

Internationally and Globally:

A. Internet Marketing Success first website to ever USE Google AdSense the same day it became Public. iBaroody has designed and developed the FIRST LOCAL Search Engine based on complete ambition to make money online for clients who wanted a successful sit at Home Business. iBaroody is one of the first programming companies to build for each and every city, state and country in the world. All programming was the MOST effective in SEO.

This project succeeded to become a Page Rank 8 website in less than 6 months.

This website was one of the first websites to ever use Google AdSense. Actually the first Day Google launched ?AdSense; iBaroody used it on many different websites, including www.Zeezo.com which overnight was making over $1000 a day just from Google Ads. Proof of complete effective design, development, marketing success from A to Z. 2002 and 2003 and all done in a very short period of time, No money invested, no advertising and/or any marketing. It was all based on just PURE SEO and all traffic was for FREE!

B. SEO Services:

iBaroody was the first SEO Company ever to create the 1000 Web Directory List.A Web Directory is a website that categorizes other websites in terms of Main and Sub-Categories. (Very Important for providing successful SEO services) in 2007


C. iBaroody was the first SEO company to create and constantly update the 2000 Directory list 2008 in order to stay ahead of the competition when over 20 companies based in India literary bought iBaroody services in order to find how, what, where, when we do business so they can imitate us.

D. Proof of Success which leads to be WANTED as a business:

iBaroody became one of the most successful SEO companies offering SEO services differently than anyone else ?as one time SEO packages, NO Monthly fees. Even over 1000 clients served, all based in the USA, knew everything we did for we kept a 100% transparency and reporting policy. As a matter of fact, as successful as iBaroody is, many companies wanted to resell our services and many wanted to become sister companies such as a very highly successful company in business since 1998.


E. Programming and Systems, and Software:

iBaroody was one of the FIRST companies to ever create our own Software now known as "Websites on the FLY" Getting websites to go LIVE online complete within minutes.iBaroody is the first company ever to create a new concept of Resellers System, even today it's hard for any successful IT company to manage to design and develop software that allows us to pop out hundreds and thousands of websites in 24 hours. Each website contains:

  • Complete Independency in database.
  • Connected to a Super Admin
  • Has its own fully functional Admin
  • Has its own PayPal account and everything there is and required for website owner to make money, get paid, run and manage
  • Has its own Fully connected modern CMS
  • Has its own unique content.
  • Users choose different designs and Templates over 20 ready-made. Then users choose to learn more about this revolutionary software visit www.TopSEOReseller.com Built in 2008 before GoDaddy.com had their own similar system.
F. Video Technology

iBaroody was one of the first companies globally to realize the importance of Videos online and video marketing. Even before YouTube.com became as famous as it is now and before anyone knew what YouTube was, we were implementing, designing, and producing systems for Internet Video Production, a business that we called it so, since no one else in the world was in business to create videos for websites and Internet Marketing field. iBaroody Staff had joined other companies in creating www.ByteCaster.com Also now symbolically iBaroody has its own video production department ready to serve our clients.


LEADERS in the Middle East:

LEADERS in the Middle East:

A. iBaroody has designed, developed, built, and maintained the largest website in the Middle East in 2010.

Even today, www.AlbLebanon.com can be considered one of the most sophisticated web projects there is in the middle in terms of:

  • Number of different software (13) all integrated under one Database, with Super Administration.
  • Up to 10 different Databases combined with several different search software and One Main search to find anything globally across the website.
  • In terms of Applications, functions, programming, Systems, Software, and Features...
  • First Massive website built from scratch with perfect On-Page SEO and SEO Programming in the Middle East
  • Over 2500 Programming hours.
  • Over 7000 Manual data entry hours to form the largest Business Database for Lebanon.
Example: http://www.alblebanon.com/videos

The video section alone from AlbLebanon.com is equivalent and equal to everything www.YouTube.com was and probably is today in terms of Programming, Interface, Functions, video technology, User abilities, Applications, and Features. Actually before 2011 www.YouTube.com did NOT use LIVE Streaming. And users were NOT able to upload over 10 minutes long video. In 2010 www.AlbLebanon.com used several different video converters to allow any user to upload any type of video any size and regardless how long as long as their person Internet Speed allowed. There was No Limits, No restrictions.
To Sum it up: Just the video section of AlbLebanon.com = to what www.YouTube.com is.
That's how massive and large www.AlbLebanon.com is.

B. iBaroody designed, developed, and built the first Video Based Hosting and Technology website in Lebanon.
Before www.AlbLebanon.com was built, any Lebanese had to upload his/her video to www.YouTube.com Then use that videos embedded URL to display the video on his/her website and/or to show to others online. This also happened in 2010

C. iBaroody is the first Web Solutions Company to attempt to Translate the largest Middle Eastern Websitesin terms of (Software, Systems, Applications, Programming, Functions, and Features) Not one language but two other than English.

iBaroody had to translate (more than ten different software) and decode systems from scratch for things to work in Arabic.


D. iBaroody was the first company to design, develop and customize food delivering system complete online business,with CMS, Super Admin designed for multiple menus, multiple countries each having its own complete automated system each is 100% user friendly and business smart.
ctually iBaroody system is still getting updated and even today no other Middle Eastern company has been able to design and develop a successful food delivery system as we have.

www.ChopsticksLB.com (2010)

What does the client say about iBaroody?
"It's very difficult to entrust a company that sells a non-tangible product or service, so how about a tailor made website design?
Our experience with iBaroody LLC has exceeded our expectations in every way. Their designs are top notch, their people are talented and enjoyable to work with, they use cutting-edge technology to organize the design process and on top of that their after sales service support is their treasure.
We would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for excellent web design at a very competitive price."

Rony A. Machaalany
Owner of Chopsticks

E. iBaroody has designed and developed the first Online Magazine System in French in the Middle East in 2011
www.Magazine.com.lb (2012)
What is an Online Magazine System? It's when we give the user the ability to choose any magazine issue from present to past. Once the issue is chosen, the entire site refreshes to become the exact same way it looked during the week the issue was current. This includes all pages change, all boxes, all content, images, all banners and ads.

What does the client say about iBaroody ?
"Les Editions Orientales (Groupe Magazine) remercient la Société iBaroody et son équipe pour le travail et le support qu’ils nous ont fourni pour l’achèvement de notre site www.Magazine.com.lb Les résultats ont été très ?satisfaisants et nous comptons lui renouveler notre confiance pour d’autres projets dans l’avenir. Nous recommandons iBaroody à tous ceux qui sont à la recherche de professionnalisme et de perfectionnisme."

Mr. Saad Medlege
General Manager

F. iBaroody has designed and developed the first Complete WebTV in Arabic With iReport software and system (Basically CNN.com in Arabic) Also iBaroody has designed, created and developed a total of 16 different videos Flash 2D, 3D, and Full Animation to form a complete TFVG Station Identity services for TV Station outside the Internet. www.Al-Yasariya.com (2011)

What does the client say about iBaroody ?
" I have closely worked with iBaroody acting as the consultant for a multi-media project venture in Lebanon, to provide the client with a modern and highly interactive web interface, including a fully-fledged web TV. The choice of iBaroody for the job has been influenced by three main components: features, client interface, and pricing. The process which is complicated in nature was smoothly handled by the company, whose team impressed us with its friendliness and responsiveness.
Aziz Baroody not only answered personally our requests, but went above and beyond to help us patiently achieve higher standards, never overcharging us. Looking forward for the next project."

B. Kouwatly

G. iBaroody designed and developedthe first Online Magazine System for an Arabic Magazine in the Middle East
www.ArabWeek.com.lb (2012)

What does the client say about iBaroody ?
"Thank you iBaroody for the hard work, dedication, speed, and professionalism you gave to our project. Our website is so beautiful high quality, and anyone who visits it and sees it, gets impressed! The feedback we are getting exceeded our expectations! Indeed "Ousbou" Arab Week Magazine website is one of the BEST Arabic websites we have ever seen online! I as an IT Manager at Group Magazine highly recommend your company for any IT Manager looking for the best of the best in web solutions, web design, web development, and any other Internet related services. I and my team are highly impressed with iBaroody's dedication and work. We already started the work on another project with iBaroody for all those reasons mentioned!"

Mr. Adwan K. Adwan
Group Magazine IT General Manager

H. iBaroody designed and developed and integrated the first and ONLY flipping pages flash soft-ware to be used and seen on all Mobile browsers from any smartphone to any Tablet
www.WhyQatar.me (2012)

What does the client say about iBaroody ?
"We got introduced to iBaroody through an advertising agency. For the beginning our demands and instructions were very clear. Out of many reputable companies we went with iBaroody be-cause their reputation in delivering their projects on time, and always always they do what they promise to do has preceded them and before meeting with iBaroody we had a feeling we were dealing with the best!
In 6 weeks and at a record speed they have built us one of the most Modern online magazine sys-tems in the world. As matter of fact our website was AND STILL IS THE only Website IN THE Middle East that uses Joomla 2.5. That's how ahead of everyone is iBaroody is. They took chance used software while in Beta and just visit our website yourselves to judge. Also within few weeks from launch date of the website you search for Qatar Magazine in Google, and you will find us in the TOP results! We thank iBaroody and also we are ready to start more projects using them as our development and online marketing company."

Hassib Khatib
Managing Director

I. iBaroody designed and developed and integrated the first Facebook Game in Flash backed with software to gather and save data for the client.
Hawa Chickenhttps://apps.facebook.com/Hawaeggcare/ (2013)

What does the client say about iBaroody ?
Hawa Chicken thanks iBaroody for their serious highly experienced work, professionalism, dedication to our project, and impressive results and delivery time! iBaroody has developed a Facebook Game to Hawa Chicken for us to own and use forever as we please for marketing purposes. iBaroody also accepted the challenge of marketing our Game. They have done a suburb job! After going through several proposals and interviewing many different companies representatives, Hawa Chicken Entrusted iBaroody with a project that has NOT been implemented before in Lebanon at least not to the Level and high demands of our team, to make this project perfect, and fun for all Lebanese people to Play the game, and enjoy Winning! Visit our Facebook Page and Play the Game http://app.facebook.com/HawaEggCare seeing is believing! Play and easily WIN then you will appreciate why Hawa Chicken is so impressed with iBaroody. After this great experience for sure Hawa Chicken will be doing more business with iBaroody."

Mr. Wissam El-Hajj
Hawa Chicken IT Manager

J. There are about 500 Different marathon races in the world most run and managed by NGO's and this includes the most famous Marathon that takes place in London owned by Virgin Group. The same Virgin that owns the Virgin Airlines, Virgin Mega Store, and they are even trying to build a flight to Space for regular people to experience the thrill for about $250,000 a ticket. IBaroody has built the Most Modern Marathon Website Worldwide, for Beirut Marathon. You be the judge.

What does the client say about iBaroody ?
iBaroody has done a great job creating a revamped website for the Beirut Marathon Association. The work was done in a creative, timely, and highly professional manner. The iBaroody team was very helpful and efficient, and is still providing us with its valuable support. They have helped us create a website that will grow with our aspirations and our activities, and we are sure that it will become a great tool for spreading the Beirut Marathon Association's message. We are proud of the results, and so should iBaroody's team and CEO Mr. Aziz Baroody.
Wishing you continued success.

May Faysal El Khalil
President, Beirut Marathon Association

K. iBaroody is the first development company to launch the first Web 2.0 Website using the lat-est version of Joomla 3.0
www.Middle-East-Times.com Very rare project Online Magazine Systems in BOTH Arabic and English.

L. iBaroody is one of the first Web design and development companies to create and build anOpen Cart ecommerce website based on products in 3 different languages. Each language contains its own unique database and the user may switch between any categories of products or products pages in any of the 3 languages. This has been completed in 2013

What does the client say about iBaroody ?
"Thank you iBaroody,
iBaroody has recently completed our website. We are absolutely thrilled with the result. We were very worried about a process we knew nothing about.
We can't thank you and your team enough. The team worked really hard, was very patient and answered all our questions. They offered valuable guidance, support and advice.
We have already had some positive feedback, we will certainly be recommending you to our colleagues when they get round to doing their own websites.
iBaroody was an excellent choice to help us develop our website. They were professional and knowledgeable and clearly guided us in this unfamiliar world with patience and wisdom.
You proved to be a very professional company with supportive service. Thank you"

Dar el-Fikr Management

M. iBaroody has completed the first Real Estate software, System, and Realtor/Agents website in both languages Arabic and English. It is very rare to see a real estate website ready to absorb real estate listings and properties for sale or rent in complete and total Arabic text and Arabic SEO This was built for a Dubai, Lebanon, and KSA based Real Estate Company called Kaizen.
www.KaizenME.com this has been completed in 2013

What does the client say about iBaroody ?
"Thank You iBaroody
I am very thankful to iBaroody for their continued guidance. I absolutely LOVE my site!
Your company is so professional and efficient! After working with several other companies during my years in Real Estate, you are the best. I appreciate everyone who worked on my site. Our site looks impressive and beautiful; your designers did a wonderful job.
The most impressive aspect of all was your ability to communicate directly with us on a daily basis. Your staff is very knowledgeable and has the answer to any question I have. Every request has been dealt with so quickly and whenever we had a problem it has been resolved within hours.
iBaroody has been fantastic from start to finish and it honestly has been an absolute pleasure dealing with them.
I have recommended them for many agents looking for a quality and affordable service, and will continue to do so.

Mrs. Andree Boustany
CEO of Kaizen Real Estate

N. iClients Data backed up at all times on a Cloud Servers Network.
As of November 2013, iBaroody has built and owns one of the best of the best Amazon.com Hardware Cloud Servers Network. Also known as a Loading Processor, iBaroody built it to run and back up all iBaroody clients, and hosting data 24/7 each and every minute everything hosted on iBaroody fast servers is backed up not just on one but on several different live streaming servers.
This enables iBaroody to provide any business with the comfort of the perfect online data security, back up, and safe secured storage.

NOW You know the truth about who we are, what we do, how we do all this, and know this also

  • iBaroody Products are the best of the Best in the market compared with the largest most successful web solution company in the United States. Always look at the portfolio. Look at the quality. Compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges.
  • iBaroody completes and finishes the work as planned on time and always makes sure there is no delay for we want to impress each and every client always.
  • iBaroody prices cannot be beat. As matter of fact even freelancers cannot go lower than iBaroody prices because iBaroody owns all its resources, has become a highly intelligent well organized business with offices in the United States, Dubai, Beirut, and Bangalore India where we house over 20 highly experienced some of the Best programmers there is.
  • iBaroody will never say no to you.
  • iBaroody will Guarantee you 100% satisfaction, happiness, and more important you have to approve each and every single stage and there is no delivery unless you say yes we are done.
  • iBaroody will have 24/7 support, customer care to explain, add, fix and edit things. Even if you need help with your business and software management, just pick up the phone and call us.
  • iBaroody strength is after the delivery.
  • iBaroody wants to work real hard, fast, provide you with the best quality there is to earn your satisfaction and to WIN a written Testimonial from you.

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